Unique Container Ideas for Garden Planting

Unique Container Ideas for Garden Planting

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Looking for unique container ideas for garden planting? From repurposed antique sinks to hanging shoe organizers, there are endless options to add creativity and style to your garden.

Get ready to transform your outdoor space with these innovative planting containers.

1. Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are a fantastic way to maximize limited space and add a striking visual element to your garden. When looking for creative ideas for plant containers, vertical gardens offer an excellent solution for those with restricted gardening space or those looking to create a unique green display.

Pallet Planters

Pallet planters are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to repurpose wooden pallets and create a stunning vertical garden. Simply secure the pallet to a wall or fence and fill the open slats with soil and plants. This DIY project is a great way to add a rustic charm to your garden while showcasing your favorite flora.

Hanging Shoe Organizers

Repurposing hanging shoe organizers as vertical planters is a clever and practical alternative for those short on space. These organizers can be easily hung on walls, fences, or balcony railings, providing multiple pockets to grow a variety of plants. By utilizing this unconventional container, you can create an eye-catching display while maximizing your available space.

Gutter Gardens

Gutter gardens offer an innovative way to grow plants vertically along the side of a building or fence. By securing gutters horizontally and filling them with soil, you can create an attractive and functional planting area. These gardens are not only visually appealing but also provide an efficient way to grow herbs, succulents, and small flowers in a limited space.

Unique Container Ideas for Garden Planting

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2. Repurposed Items

When it comes to creative ideas for plant containers, repurposing old items adds a unique touch to your garden. Not only does repurposing help the environment by reducing landfill waste, but it also adds a charming and eclectic vibe to your outdoor space. Here are a few repurposed items that can be transformed into beautiful plant containers.

2.1 Old Wheelbarrows

Give your garden a rustic and whimsical feel by using old wheelbarrows as plant containers. These sturdy metal or wooden vessels not only provide ample space for your plants to thrive but also add a touch of nostalgia to your outdoor decor. Place them strategically in your garden, patio, or even on your porch for a unique focal point.

2.2 Vintage Teapots

Bring a touch of elegance to your garden with vintage teapots repurposed as plant containers. Whether you have a collection of mismatched teapots or stumble upon a unique find at a flea market, these charming vessels can become the perfect home for small flowers or succulents. Simply drill a few drainage holes in the bottom and fill them with potting soil for a delightful display.

2.3 Bicycle Baskets

Add a whimsical twist to your garden by repurposing bicycle baskets as plant containers. These baskets, which were originally designed to hold belongings while riding, can now serve as a creative vessel for your plants. Mount them on a wall or fence, or even hang them from a tree branch. Fill them with vibrant flowers or trailing vines, and watch as they add a playful charm to your outdoor space.

3. Unusual Planters

When it comes to adding a unique touch to your garden, think beyond traditional pots and consider using unconventional containers. These unusual planters will not only add charm and personality to your outdoor space but also serve as great conversation starters. Here are three creative ideas for plant containers:

3.1 Rain Boot Planters

Bring a splash of color and whimsy to your garden by repurposing old rain boots as planters. Not only does this idea save you money, but it also gives your plants a fashionable new home. Simply drill a few drainage holes in the sole of the boot, fill it with potting soil, and plant your favorite flowers or herbs. You can arrange a collection of rain boot planters along a pathway or hang them up on a fence for an eye-catching display.

3.2 Colander Pots

Add a touch of rustic charm to your garden by using colanders as plant pots. Colanders make excellent planters because they already come with built-in drainage holes. Simply fill them with well-draining soil, and you’re ready to plant a variety of herbs or small vegetables. Hang your colander pots on a wall or fence for a unique vertical garden, or place them strategically in your backyard for an unexpected burst of color and functionality.

3.3 Book Planters

Give your garden a literary twist by turning old books into planters. This creative idea adds a vintage and whimsical touch to any garden setting. To create a book planter, carve out the middle pages of an old book, leaving a hollow space for potting soil and plant roots. Insert a small plastic or glass container into the hollowed-out book and fill it with your plant of choice. You can stack several book planters together to create a visual display, or place them on a shelf for a charming indoor garden.

Unique Container Ideas for Garden Planting

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4. Creative Containers

Discover unique container ideas for garden planting with Creative Containers. From repurposed items to unconventional vessels, these creative options add a touch of whimsy to your garden while showcasing your plants in style. Whether you prefer a rustic look or a modern feel, there’s a container to suit every garden aesthetic.

4.1 Coffee Can Planters

Coffee cans are not just for holding coffee; they can also be repurposed into unique planters for your garden. With their sturdy construction and compact size, coffee cans make excellent containers for small plants and herbs. To create a stunning coffee can planter, start by cleaning out the can and removing any labels. Then, punch several drainage holes in the bottom to allow excess water to escape. Fill the can with nutrient-rich soil and place your chosen plant inside. Remember to choose plants that are suitable for the amount of sunlight in your garden, and water them regularly to ensure their health and growth.

4.2 Mason Jar Terrariums

Mason jars have gained popularity in recent years for their versatility and rustic charm. They can also serve as beautiful containers for creating your own mini terrariums. Terrariums are self-contained ecosystems that require minimal maintenance, making them perfect for busy individuals or those lacking a green thumb. To make a mason jar terrarium, start with a layer of small rocks or pebbles at the bottom for drainage. Follow this with a layer of activated charcoal to keep the soil fresh. Then, add a layer of potting soil and place your choice of plants inside. Succulents and air plants work particularly well in terrariums. Lastly, water the terrarium lightly and place it in a bright spot indoors, away from direct sunlight.

4.3 Tin Can Herb Garden

If you’re a fan of cooking and love using fresh herbs, why not create your own tin can herb garden? This creative container idea allows you to have a variety of herbs conveniently accessible right in your kitchen. Start by collecting empty tin cans of various sizes. Make sure to clean them thoroughly and remove any sharp edges. Next, fill each can with potting soil, leaving a small space at the top. Plant your chosen herb seeds or transplant seedlings into the cans and water them gently. Place the tin cans in a sunny spot in your kitchen and watch as your herbs grow and flourish. Your unique herb garden will not only provide you with fresh ingredients for your culinary endeavors but also add a touch of greenery to your cooking space. By thinking outside the box and utilizing creative ideas for plant containers, you can add a distinctive and personalized touch to your garden. Whether you choose to use coffee cans, mason jars, or tin cans, these unconventional containers will not only serve as functional plant holders but also become eye-catching focal points in your outdoor or indoor space. Get creative and let your imagination run wild as you explore the endless possibilities for unique container gardening.

5. Eco-friendly Options

When it comes to finding unique container ideas for garden planting, eco-friendly options are becoming increasingly popular. By using recycled materials or items that can be repurposed, you not only add a touch of creativity to your garden but also contribute towards sustainability. In this section, discover three eco-friendly options that will transform your garden into a green haven.

5.1 Recycled Tire Planters

Looking for a way to give old tires a new lease on life? Transform them into planters! Recycled tire planters are not only visually appealing but also help reduce waste. Simply clean the tires thoroughly and cut them to your desired plant bed size. Then fill them with soil and your favorite plants, creating a unique and eco-friendly addition to your garden. Just make sure to drill a few small drainage holes on the bottom to prevent waterlogging.

5.2 Wine Bottle Edging

Don’t let those empty wine bottles go to waste – repurpose them into a stylish edging for your garden beds. Wine bottle edging not only adds a touch of elegance to your garden but also helps define the boundaries of your plantings. Dig a shallow trench along the edge of your garden bed and bury the bottles neck-down, leaving the base exposed. The colorful bottles can serve as a delightful border while promoting recycling at the same time.

5.3 Biodegradable Seedling Pots

If you’re starting your plants from seeds, consider using biodegradable seedling pots. These eco-friendly alternatives to plastic pots are made from biodegradable materials such as coconut coir, peat, or even newspaper. Not only do they reduce plastic waste, but they also allow for easy transplantation into the soil as they can be planted directly, pot and all. Plus, as the pots break down naturally over time, they provide additional nutrients to your plant’s roots.

Unique Container Ideas for Garden Planting

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Frequently Asked Questions On Unique Container Ideas For Garden Planting

What Are Some Unique Materials For Garden Containers?

Consider using old tires, wine barrels, or vintage suitcases for a unique touch.

How To Repurpose Household Items As Garden Planters?

Upcycle items like old boots, mason jars, or pallets for creative and eco-friendly planters.

What Are Some Space-saving Container Ideas For Small Gardens?

Vertical planters, hanging baskets, and window boxes are great for maximizing space in small gardens.

What Container Plants Are Suitable For A Sunny Balcony?

Try growing herbs, succulents, or geraniums that thrive in the sunlight on your balcony.


Innovative and eye-catching container ideas can add character and charm to your garden planting. From repurposed items to unconventional materials, there are endless possibilities to unleash your creativity. Whether it’s using old tires, teapots, or even shoe organizers, the key is to think outside the box and reimagine the potential of everyday objects.

These unique containers not only provide a striking visual appeal but also offer a sustainable and eco-friendly way to nurture your plants. So why stick to traditional pots when you can experiment with these extraordinary alternatives? Let your imagination run wild and transform your garden into a captivating oasis.